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August 03, 2010

SOURCE: LATINO REVIEW – Tom Clancy’s popular character Jack Ryan could make his way back onto the big screen with the help another Jack. “Lost” director Jack Bender is in in the final strings to be on board for another Jack Ryan film. The title of it is “Moscow”, a little bit of a prequel in a sense where Jack (Chris Pine) is fresh out of the Marines and works as an analyst for a Russian billionaire. Of course things immediately get a bit tangled up as he ends up going on the run after being implicated in a terrorist plot.

There’s no word at the moment when Paramount expects to get “Moscow” off the ground.

SOURCE: CINEMA BLEND – The movie will be kind of a franchise reboot, taking place at an earlier period in Ryan’s career than what we saw in The Sum of All Fears/A Clear and Present Danger/Patriot Games/The Hunt for Red October. Pine will play Ryan just as he’s getting out of the Marines, going to work for a Russian billionaire but eventually going on the run (of course) because he’s been implicated as part of a terrorist plot. Given the huge variety of Lost episodes that Bender directed and how often he was charged with handling action, there’s pretty much no reason he won’t be up to the task of this one. Last we heard from producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura they were hoping to start filming in late winter or early spring, so if things stay on course, we’ll see Bender directing Pine as Jack Ryan before his old boss J.J. Abrams turns him back into Captain Kirk.

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1 Comment to "Lost’s Jack Bender May Direct Chris Pine In Moscow"
  1. Keachick says:

    I had seen the month February 2011 mentioned in relation to the filming of the Jack Ryan movie. I wonder if Chris will get to go to Moscow and shoot some of the film on location. I think it could still be pretty cold there but the film would have an authentic look.

    This is another film I am looking forward to seeing. I hope all goes well for this project as well as the others that he is associated with, like Star Trek and This Means War.