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October 28, 2010

LOS ANGELES — Tony Scott’s upcoming thriller “Unstoppable” tells the true story of two railway workers who selflessly and heroically set out to stop a runaway train loaded with explosive chemicals from crashing into a small town. Given the inspiring feats of the film’s protagonists and real-life heroes, when MTV News caught up with Scott and stars Denzel Washington and Chris Pine at the movie’s premiere, we asked them to share their own heroic feats. What we expected were tales of bravery, action, possibly even romance; what we got was a little of that, plus a surprising encounter with some menacing breakfast food.

“Getting on the top of that train, that was very heroic on my part,” said Washington, who performed many of his own stunts in the film, including a dazzling, dangerous run atop the train cars. “I did not want to do that.”

“My most heroic effort? Making movies,” director Scott offered. “There’s nothing as scary as shooting a major movie. It’s scary — creatively scary — because you’re scared of creative failure, so I wake up, bolt upright every morning at 2:30, and that’s what excites me. I’m lucky.”

It’s hard to argue with those efforts. But Chris Pine’s sordid tale might be the juiciest. Literally.

“I once saved a breakfast burrito from crashing and disintegrating. On myself,” Pine boldly revealed. “I got a stain on my pants. I couldn’t wear the pants anymore. The definition of selfless,” he joked.

“Suffice it to say, I’ve not done anything in my life that even approaches what the two gentlemen whom Denzel and I portray in this film did.”


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