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October 28, 2010

I’ve added 129 HQ, 11 MQ photos of Chris at the October 26th Hollywood premiere of Unstoppable including 2 photos from the After Party. Thanks to Crayen of

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2010 > 10/26/2010 – “Unstoppable” premiere in Los Angeles, California

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1 Comment to "More High Qualities from the Unstoppable premiere!"
  1. s@n says:

    Hey Carol, you saw the way that Rosario is looking for Chris?

    And I saw somebody saying that she only kissed Chris because he is gay and does not threaten her fiance. No way! DEFINITELY NO WAY!

    She just kissed him for the same reason that she’s looking at Chris like that! Rosario is wanting him as well as all of us! LOL!
    She seems to be drooling by Chris Pine! The boyfriend of Rosario should demand an explanation! HAHAHAHAH!!!