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August 10, 2011

Age: 30

Single? It’s another no. The Star Trek actor is rumoured to be dating blonde bombshell Laura Vandervoort, who he met on his upcoming flick, This Means War.

See Him Next: In the aforementioned film, which also stars Reese Witherspoon, and Tom Hardy, as well as his lovely laydee.

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4 Comments to "Glamour UK: Sexiest Men – Vote for Chris!"
  1. S@n says:

    He is the sexiest, of course!

  2. Veh says:

    OMG, so perfect *-*

  3. Keachick says:

    Chris Pine is the sexiest, without a doubt.

    I thought that the rumour that Chris was dating Laura Vandervoort was just that – a rumour. Is there any actual truth to this or is this just a case of rumour being reported as fact?

    This feels like a long year of just waiting to see Chris again. None of his movies are being released until next year and Lord knows what’s happening with Star Trek. Well, they do say that patience is a virtue…sigh.

  4. S@n says:


    Last week he was at an event where Laura and OM were also, it seems that he dealt very well with the situation, because there is no gossip emerged so far!

    If he is in a relationship, really, he is being very quiet this time!