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August 26, 2011

I would like to send a very warm Happy Birthday to Chris, who turns 31 years-old today. I hope you spend this special day with those who matter most, and that it is filled with laughter and smiles. 😀

Please, feel free to leave your birthday wishes in the comments.

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14 Comments to "Happy Birthday Chris!"
  1. Veh says:

    Oh God, our little baby, 31 already, kkk *—–*
    I hope he will be happy in every moment of your life, I hope too, that he keep making this beautiful smile in your face.. and I hope that God make your ways doing more special and I hope for last, that him had very sucess in your carrer, for resto of your life, cause he deserves :DD

    I love you!!! =DD
    (and all the fans ;DD)

    Kisses Carol!! ^^

  2. Nat396 says:

    Have a happy birthday Chris! Wish you all success and happiness in your life.I love all the characters that you have potrayed throughout your acting career.Keep up the good work!
    Question:Any upcoming records? You have a great voice.
    From:Your fan in Malaysia.

  3. Brigitte Wenk says:

    Happy birthday, Mr. Pine!
    best wishes from Austria.

  4. Alexandr says:

    Good afternoon, Chris!
    Happy birthday!
    I wish You all most the best in life, good health, good luck, successes in creativity.
    I want to apologize for not so competent English as I Russian and live in Russia.
    More recently (about two weeks ago) has watched a film with Your participation “Blind Dating”.
    I have been shocked-Your actor’s game simply inexpressibly fine. I became the admirer of Your talent. You have so precisely and pathetically played a role of blind guy Denni, so realistic have told all his sufferings and pleasures, his experiences that would be desirable to watch this film more and more time… At You the big actor’s future. I regret that haven’t watched films with Your participation earlier. In my opinion, You-one from the best actors of Hollywood… And it is truth!
    I wish You many remarkable roles!
    Happy birthday, Chris!

    Alexander, 25 years, the head are industrial-business enterprise, Saratov, Russia.

  5. S@n says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRIS PINE!!!!<3<3<3<3<3

  6. Alid Misli says:

    Happy Birthday Chris!

    Alid Misli
    All way from Brunei!

  7. Erika says:

    Happy Birthday to my lover boy Chris Pine! <3

  8. Juliane says:

    Christopher Whitelaw Pine , hoje você completa 31 anos , eu ainda não estou acreditando! , meu bebêe , parabéns! , que você continue assim : PERFEITO! te amo demais s2′

  9. Vivian says:

    Here’s wishing you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS PINE!!! I love you so much!!! You are an incerdibly talented guy and you deserve the absolute best in everything. I hope your day is filled with much happiness. Love you always!!!

  10. Beverley Sharp says:

    Happy birthday Chris.

    I can’t believe there has not been anything recent about you. I just know you must be working very hard.

    Have a lovely birthday

  11. Keachick says:

    I am so late. I wished Chris Pine happy birthday on other sites but not this one. This I will correct now.

    Happy birthday dear Christopher….Why was he born so beautiful? Why was he born at all? The angels brought him down from heav’n, to shine a light for all! (Second verse of Happy Birthday song, old English)

    Clearly, the writer of those words must have had Christopher Whitelaw Pine in mind when s/he wrote them, because they have a ring of truth about them when I think of our Chris.

    Lots of career success, love and happiness to Chris. Take care. Love you lots!
    Hugs and kisses from Rose – pinenut

  12. Beverley Sharp says:

    Would like to know when Chris Pine is going to be updated – has he gone into hiding? Or is this just another website run by people who promise good things and then get fed up cos they have fallen in love with someone else.

  13. S@n says:


    As a friend of mine always says lately, Chris Pine seems to be hidden in a rabbit hole, there is no new news about him these days maybe he’s focused, putting voice in the film ” Rise of the Guardians.”

    Carol, do you know something about it?

  14. Kirlia says:

    *sniff* (cries like Pinkie Pie)
    It feels like yesterday was August 26, 1980 ;…)
    I know I wasn’t born at the time but I can depict that there was angels decending down with a beautiful bundle of joy and the name God has chosen was Christopher Whitelaw Pine. If I would’ve been there, I would burst out more tears of joy than what Pinkie Pie did in the ending of part 2 of the first episode of MLP: FIM.