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December 10, 2014 — Pine will narrate the indie documentary feature, which is directed by Ari Levinson and produced by Erica Dasher (Jane By Design) and Sami Kriegstein. Dasher and Kriegstein filmed footage themselves over the course of 12 months in seven states, capturing the highs and lows in the lives of their teenage subjects – four teams of two each – who grapple with issues from sexual identity, race and gender, parental pressures, and falling in love while competing in the world of “DUO” performance, in which partners cannot touch, make eye contact, use props or wear costumes.

Filmmakers showed Pine a cut of This Is Not A Club and brought him onboard when he responded enthusiastically to the material. His narration is being edited in to the film. The actor is currently shooting The Finest Hours for Disney and will next be seen in the studio’s musical Into the Woods this Christmas. He also stars in post-apocalyptic indie Z For Zacharia, which will premiere at Sundance in January. He’s repped by CAA, John Carrabino and attorney Michael Gendler.

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