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October 16, 2009

Twenty-nine-year-old Chris Pine has some big shoes to fill. Not only did he take over William Shatner’s portrayal of Captain Kirk in the latest Star Trek installment, but he’s also signed up to portray Jack Ryan — the role made famous by Harrison Ford.

Jack Ryan is a character involved in the CIA (and who ultimately becomes US President) dreamed up by writer Tom Clancy for a series of noteworthy books and films. Alec Baldwin played him in The Hunt for Red October, while Ford took over for Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger. Eight years later, Ben Affleck took the role in The Sum of All Fears.

According to People, the president of Paramount issued the following statement: “Tom Clancy created an unforgettable character with Jack Ryan. With Chris in this role, we’ve taken our first step in creating a re-boot that lives up to the successful lineage of the franchise.”

Congrats to Chris!


AN: I think this sounds like a great role for Chris, and I personally believe he will make Jack Ryan his own. I can’t wait for more information to be released.

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October 13, 2009

Paramount Pictures has begun negotiations with Chris Pine to play CIA analyst Jack Ryan in the reboot of the franchise based on the Tom Clancy novels.

Pine is positioned to topline his second Par franchise. He played James T. Kirk in “Star Trek,” the JJ Abrams-directed summer hit, and will reprise in the sequel.

Pine is separately in talks to team with director D.J. Caruso in the Paramount drama “The Art of Making Money,” early next year.
Talks are just getting underway, but Pine is expected to come aboard the Jack Ryan film as the project takes shape. The studio and producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Mace Neufeld are working with a script draft by Hossein Amini, based on an original concept. They are still in deep development and it is unclear whether Pine would make another “Star Trek” before the Jack Ryan film. He will clearly be working often for Paramount over the next several years.

Pine, currently starring with Denzel Washington in the Tony Scott-directed “Unstoppable” for Fox, is vying to be the fourth actor to play Ryan, the CIA analyst in the Par film series.

Alec Baldwin originated the character in 1990’s “The Hunt for Red October,” Harrison Ford played him in 1992’s “Patriot Games” and 1994’s “Clear and Present Danger,” and Ben Affleck played Ryan in 2002’s “The Sum of All Fears.”


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October 13, 2009

Variety’s reporting Chris Pine (hot off his starring role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek) and director D.J. Caruso (Eagle Eye, Disturbia) are in negotiations to join The Art of Making Money. Pine, who’s been very picky about which projects he takes on since scoring success as the new Kirk, is currently filming Unstoppable, the action drama that hit a few speedbumps before heading into production. Caruso’s linked to a few projects (Y: The Last Man, The Defenders, Dead Space), none of which are real close to getting underway.

According to Variety, Paramount’s looking to get The Art of Making Money into production as soon as early next year.

Frank Baldwin’s screenplay is based on the book The Art of Making Money: The Story of a Master Counterfeiter by Jason Kersten. Kersten’s book tells the true story of Art Williams, a Chicago man with a troubled childhood who became one of the most successful counterfeiters in modern history. If the deal goes through, Pine will play Williams.


AN: Whether this is 100% true or not I’m not sure, though I’ll see what I can do to find out how legitimate it is. If it is than I think it already sounds interesting and I would really love to see Chris in a role such as the article described, what about you guys?

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September 01, 2009

Posted on Fox New’s website earlier today was a little blurb mentioning Chris out on his birthday, which was August 26th.

Chris Pine celebrating his 29th birthday with a large group of friends and dinner at BOA West Hollywood Wednesday night. The group sat on the patio overlooking the Sunset Strip enjoying bottles of wine and some of BOA’s staples such as the Wagu beef, Kansas City Filet Mignon and mac n’ cheese.


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August 19, 2009

Rosario Dawson will star alongside Denzel Washington and Chris Pine in Fox’s runaway train drama “Unstoppable,” directed by Tony Scott.

Dawson just wrapped Chris Columbus film “Percy Jackson” and is currently shooting “Zookeeper” opposite Kevin James for MGM and Sony. She was last seen in “Seven Pounds” with Will Smith.

Washington formally withdrew from “Unstoppable” in early July, then came to terms two weeks later to put the pic back on track for a fall start. He’s playing a veteran engineer who jumps into a locomotive with a young conductor (Pine) to stop an unmanned runaway train loaded with toxic cargo.

Julie Yorn is producing with Scott and Mimi Rogers, and Chris Ciaffa is exec producer. The script, penned by Mark Bomback, is loosely inspired by true events.


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July 30, 2009

Courtesy of for the interview with actor Reggie Bannister, which as it turns out has his own hand in Chris’s upcoming film “Small Town Saturday Night”.

You can read what Reggie had to say about Chris below.

What can fans your fans catch you in next?
There’s another “mainstream” picture that we shot up here where I live, up in the mountains, called ‘Small Town Saturday Night.’ I am in that, but we also provided a lot of production services for that project. We found all of the locations. There were over thirty locations, which for a low budget picture is a lot of moving around. Obviously, we found them at a real decent price or they wouldn’t be able to afford thirty plus locations. We contributed a lot to the production. Like I said, I am in it. Gigi has a little cameo in it as a matter of fact. The project features a lot of good actors. John Hawkes, Chris Pine, Robert Pine, Lin Shaye are in it. Of course Chris is now Captain Kirk. We just had a cast and crew screening on that picture about two months ago. I was talking to Chris and I went, “dude, are you having people jumping out of bushes with cameras?” and he goes, “yeah.” I go, “well, I really kind of like my level of celebrity dude. I said, “I live in a small mountain community and everybody kind of knows me, but nobody is all over me and I don’t have to live in a compound or put walls up all around me, but you may want to buy an island somewhere in the Bermudas. He goes, “I know man.” Chris is a very fine actor and I hope now that he is Captain Kirk, people go back and look at some of the other stuff he has done. He was in “Smokin’ Aces.” He was great in ‘Smokin’ Aces.’ He was in ‘Just My Luck,’ the Lindsay Lohan movie. He was great in that. For a young guy, he embraces character parts. I think it is because of the way he was brought up with his dad and his dad has always been a character actor. He’s a terrific actor and he has his head really screwed on tight, which made me feel good because he was all of a sudden catapulted into this part and into this kind of situation that he is now dealing with. I was a little concerned about it, but after talking to him at this cast and crew screening, he’s good for it. He’ll do great at whatever he does. I would think that that would find distribution sometime probably sooner than later, just due to the cast.

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